Kevin Smith Announces Canadian Trilogy Plans

Beloved filmmaker Kevin Smith appeared at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend to talk about his upcoming horror thriller “Tusk” starring Justin Long, Michael Parks, Haley Joel Osment and Genesis Rodriguez.

Smith revealed that “Tusk” is the first of what he hopes will be a unofficial trilogy of films he dubs “The True North Trilogy”. The films will be Canadian set tales inspired by ‘strange but true’ tales from podcast episodes and will feature many of the same actors seen in “Tusk”.

After this is “Yoga Hosers” which will aim to be a PG-13, then comes “Moose Jaws” which he describes as “Jaws, with a moose”. ‘Hosers’ follows two 15-year-old girls with superpowers, but he wouldn’t say what kind as he would be “run out of the country” if we heard what they were. The story itself is inspired by an “odd story of theft among yoga enthusiasts”.

As for “Moose Jaws,” all Smith would reveal is that it boasts a scene of the killer moose chowing down on a little girl. He also hopes to make a third “Clerks” in 2015.