Kevin Bacon: Movies Need More Penises

Gender equality and representation remains a major issue in entertainment, and one area where it is still an issue is on screen nudity. Though the scales have become more balanced in recent years, and naked bums from both sexes are shown fairly often, there still seems to be decidedly more flashes of vaginas and breasts than penises on the screen.

One of the pioneers famous for getting his penis out is actor Kevin Bacon and today the actor has participated in a mock PSA for Mashable demanding that the on screen male nudity movement is real and needs your support to ‘Free the Bacon’ – an effort he’d be happy to spearhead. It’s an often hilarious 2.5 minute piece with Bacon making fun of himself and the current sexuality-absent state of movie making today.

Bacon himself is keeping busy in the wake of the cancellation of “The Following” with roles in the upcoming “Cop Car,” “Black Mass” and “6 Miranda Drive”