Kevin Bacon Keen On “Tremors” Reboot

Later this year comes “Tremors 5: Bloodlines,” the latest direct to video schlock sequel in the creature feature franchise that began with 1990’s still impressive and solid “Tremors”. Said film quickly led to several terrible DTV follow-ups, but the original quickly became and remains a cult classic.

Out doing promotion for the new indie film “Cop Car,” actor Kevin Bacon revealed he actually wants to reboot, or rather refresh, the franchise. Starring in the original film alongside Fred Ward, Bacon played good ‘ol boy Valentine McKee and says it’s “one of the few characters I’ve played that I’d be interested in seeing where he is 25 years later”. He tells The Huffington Post:

“I had a real dream right now, which is to reboot it, and to see the character 25 years down the line, to see what that guy may have become. There is an example of a movie that, when I started thinking about it, I hadn’t seen it in 25 years and I went back and watched it recently, I was really pleasantly surprised. It’s a beautiful looking movie, it really is a good film.”

So if Bacon isn’t the hold-up, what is? “Universal doesn’t seem to be interested, so it’s moot” he tells Seeking Perfection. The original film followed small town residents being killed by giant creatures beneath the ground who sense vibrations (ie. sound and movement) and attack. Finn Carter, Michael Gross and Reba McEntire also starred in the film which still has many fans to this day.