Ken Russell’s “The Devils” Comes To Shudder

Filmmaker Ken Russell’’s almost mythical “The Devils” is finally coming to American shores with the film having just popped up on streaming service Shudder.

The adaptation of Aldous Huxley’’s novel “The Devils of Loudon” stars Oliver Reed as 17th century rogue French Priest Urbain Grandier who becomes the target of a political witch hunt.

Using the testimony of a mad hunchbacked nun (Vanessa Redgrave), the hysterical inquisitor Father Barre (Michael Gothard) uses torture and violence to whip up the entire city into a rabid sexual frenzy.

Warners famously kept the film out of wide release for decades and this marks the first time that the 109-minute unrated cut of the film has been available in the U.S. since 1971 and the most complete version of the film to date.

Even so, this version reportedly doesn’t include the famed scene boasting the staged rape of a statue of Christ.

Source: AV Club