Kelly Talks About His Box

Out doing promotions for his upcoming feature “Southland Tales”, Director Richard Kelly (“Donnie Darko”) spoke about his next project – the horror thriller “The Box” with Cameron Diaz and Frank Langella – to Shock Til You Drop.

Kelly talked about the storyline – “It’s a very simple six-page short story about a married couple who receives this button unit. There’s a glass dome on it, and a key that unlocks the button; if they push the button, someone they don’t know in the world will die – but they’ll receive this amount of money. For me, that was always this great first act for this film. And what we’ve been spending a lot of time engineering is what happens next – what’s the payoff, what comes after that.”

Whilst Diaz is definitely playing the wife, Kelly quickly down rumors of James Marsden as the husband – “I can’t say who’s playing the husband right now, cause it’s still – the deal’s being ironed out. I know there’s been speculation, but it’s kind of been a complicated situation.”

Shooting begins on November 17th for a 2008 release.