Kelly Reichardt Sets Up “Undermajordomo Minor”

Best known for being a ‘quiet’ filmmaker with the likes of “Wendy and Lucy” and “Meek’s Cutoff,” director Kelly Reichardt appears to have set up her next project in the wake of the success of her recent triptych effort “Certain Women”.

The LA Times says Reichardt is currently adapting author Patrick deWitt’s novel “Undermajordomo Minor” and will collaborate with him on the script. Set in a castle, the story follows a young and meek man named Lucien (Lucy) Minor who grew up in a rough neighborhood.

He soon finds employment as an Undermajordomo, helping out at the remote, foreboding castle of the mysterious Baron Von Aux. It’s a place that harbors many dark secrets. So begins a tale of theft, heartbreak, mystery, and murder.

The story is described as an adventure story, a moral-less fable, an ink-black comedy of manners, and a love story.