Kelly Marie Tran’s “Star Wars” Role Revealed?

Filming recently wrapped on Rian Johnson’s “Star Wars Episode VIII” and at this point not much is known about it. Disney and Lucasfilm haven’t released any stills, there’s no titles, and while cast members have been revealed there remains few details on their characters.

A new report from International Business Times however claims to have found out details about one character – the role that Kelly Marie Tran will play. According to the site, she plays an ‘information broker’ named Aya who will deal with John Boyega’s character Finn for several scenes. According to the site’s source:

“The two characters meet in a bar, which is said to be “fancier” than the ones seen in the previous movies. Aya’s costume in ‘Star Wars: Episode 8’ is said to be a dark green (almost brown) jacket with matching pants, a low cut black top with purple pattern, belt and boots. While Finn and Aya are chatting at the bar, a group of Stormtroopers arrive. The First Order soldiers start firing at Finn, but Aya will help him escape by leading him out through the back door.”

The paper adds that their source explains Aya could be a code name used during filming so may not be her actual name in the film. Set photos from a few months back seemed to confirm the scene discussed above.

“Star Wars Episode VIII” is set for release on December 15th 2017.