Kellan Lutz To Play William Shatner?

Kellan Lutz, Anton Yelchin and Taryn Manning are set to star in Michael Almereyda’s indie drama “Experimenter”.

The story follows famed social psychologist Stanley Milgram. Milgram designed the controversial Obedience Experiments at Yale University, which observed the responses of ordinary people who believed they were sending harmful electrical shocks to an affable stranger.

Lutz will play “Star Trek” actor William Shatner, who portrayed Milgram in a 1970s TV movie. Yelchin plays Rensaleer, a man who resents authority. Manning plays Mrs. Lowe, a test subject who is distressed by the process and pushes back.

Peter Sarsgaard, Anthony Edwards, Edoardo Ballerini and Winona Ryder also star. Filming is now underway in New York.

Uri Singer, Fabio Golombek, Aimee Schoof, Isen Robbins, Danny A. Abeckaser and Per Melita will produce.

Source: Contact Music