Keep “Chuck” & “V”, Drop “Heroes” & “Mercy”

Zap2it have announced the results of their annual poll of shows ‘on the bubble’ – TV shows whose fate next season is presently undecided. Voters were asked to ‘keep’ or ‘kill’ from a list of the twenty-two shows whose fate is undecided at present.

From a sample of up to 10,000 votes for nearly each show, the big winners this year were “Castle,” “Chuck,” “Human Target,” “Life Unexpected,” “Parenthood,” “One Tree Hill” and “V” with most voting to keep these shows on the air.

Evenly dividing were the likes of “Flash Forward,” “Cold Case” and “Law and Order” which had as many detractors and supporters.

Those definitely on the nose included “The Forgotten,” “Melrose Place,” “Trauma,” “Accidentally on Purpose,” “Heroes,” “Mercy,” “Gary Unmarried,” and “Numb3rs”.