Kechiche’s “Mektoub” Expanded To Two Films

For many, one of the most likely candidates for this year’s Cannes Film Festival line-up is “Blue Is The Warmest Color” director Abdellatif Kechiche’s next film “Mektoub Is Mektoub”.

The project, based on by Francois Begaudeau’s “La Blessure, la vraie,” follows a young screenwriter who travels to the Mediterranean and gets involved in a love triangle. Shot last summer, many details about the project remain under wraps.

Now, French publication Le Point (via The Playlist reveals that any chance of the film hitting Cannes this year have been squashed as the project has expanded beyond its initial plans. The paper indicates that Kechiche has turned the project into a two-film familial saga now respectively titled “The Die Is Cast” and “Pray for Jack”.

This has led to complications with the financiers as Kechiche’s contract is to deliver one film – so now everyone is going to court. Should Kechiche win, he then wants to show both pictures at Cannes next year. Kechiche is also already working on two more films to shoot this summer titled “Lamb Of God” and “Sister Marguerite”.