Keaton “Very Proud” Of His Batman

Ben Affleck wasn’t there, but another Batman was in attendance at this year’s New York Comic Con this weekend – Michael Keaton. The actor was on hand to promote his role in “Birdman,” the upcoming dark comedy which scored incredible critical reviews during the Fall film festival circuit.

Considering the film is about a struggling actor haunted by a super hero role that made him famous, Keaton certainly has some familiarity with the subject. One big difference to his character though is that he has no bitter feelings towards the iconic superhero role he played in two Tim Burton films – quite the opposite in fact. He tells Screen Rant:

“Having played Batman and being very proud of playing Batman. I never back off that. The idea was bold, interesting, and cool when Tim made it. I didn’t really put it together, Edward did [a superhero movie] too. I just go to work.

When I took the original, I was unfamiliar with comic books. I wasn’t a comic book reader. [Reading the script he thought], this isn’t the way that I see the character but am glad to read it. Then I met Tim the next day, I’m saying [Batman] is this and this, and he was nodding in agreement. So I asked, are they going to make this? Tim said, ‘I don’t know. Let’s find out.’

Would he ever return to the role? “If it was Tim Burton directing? In a heartbeat.”

The comments follow on from an interview earlier this week with EW about his opinion on more recent takes on the character – namely Chris Nolan’s trilogy and the upcoming Zack Snyder film starring Affleck as Bruce Wayne. He says:

“Chris Nolan is great, but I’ve never seen any of the Batman movies all the way through. I know they’re good. I just have zero interest in those kinds of movies. I mean, people are asking me, ‘Is Ben Affleck going to be any good? And my attitude is, First of all, why would you ask me? Second, he’s probably going to be very good, and third, frankly, it’s all set up now so that you’re weirdly kind of safe. Once you get in those suits, they really know what to do with you. It was hard then; it ain’t that hard now.”