Keanu Reeves In “Cowboy Bebop” Movie

With their upcoming “Dragonball” movie set for release in April, 20th Century Fox is having another go at turning a Japanese anime TV series into a live-action feature film with “Cowboy Bebop” says The Hollywood Reporter.

The series is set in 2071 when “astral gates” make interstellar travel possible. Humanity, decimated by a lunar explosion resulting from a gate accident, spread out across the solar system, as did crime, which gave rise to the use of bounty hunters.

Keanu Reeves is attached to star as Spike Spiegel, a bounty hunter and former member of a crime syndicate. Spiegel, along with Jet Black, a fellow bounty hunter and former cop, are the two pilots of the spaceship Bebop.

Peter Craig is writing the script. The original show, which debuted in the late 1990s, was strongly influenced by American music. Various directors, writers and producers on the show will serve as production consultants and associate producers on this film.