Keanu Keen On A Third “John Wick”

Post-“The Matrix,” Keanu Reeves’ most iconic screen character has to be his frequently being pulled out of retirement hitman character John Wick.

With the film’s sequel getting even better reviews so far than the first film from back in 2014, there’s a lot of excitement for the new installment. With distributor Lionsgate desperate for franchises, could this mean a third film in the series might happen?

Speaking with EW, Reeves made it quite clear he’s eager to play the role again but it will all depend on the success of the sequel:

Absolutely. I love the character and the world. Whether or not I get the chance to do another chapter is really up to the audience. If they enjoy what we did — and hopefully they do, fingers-crossed, I really dig it — but if they do enjoy it, then I’ll have the chance to continue the story of the character and the world.”

Three months ago, director Chad Stahelski revealed Lionsgate had tasked him with coming up with ideas for a third film which suggests they are seriously thinking about it.

“John Wick: Chapter 2” opens around much of the world this Friday, notably though it has yet to set a theatrical release date in Australia with distributor eOne still figuring out a date and campaign. More details on the rocky path the film has had regarding an Aussie theatrical run is up at Graffiti with Punctuation.