Kaufman’s “Frank or Francis” Hits Trouble

Charlie Kaufman’s next project “Frank Or Francis” looks to have hit some issues.

Out doing press for “People Like Us”, actress Elizabeth Banks was asked about the status of ‘Frank’ to which she’s attached. She says “We didn’t get to shoot that movie. It was ready to go, and, as many movies do, it fell apart at the last minute… I honestly don’t know where that film is at. We were supposed to make it sooner, but it’s been pushed. I think they’re waiting for everybody’s lives to come back together.”

Kevin Kline said similar comments back in April. Reps for Charlie Kaufman tell The Playlist that the project has only been “postponed”.

Kaufman himself isn’t short of work though with a novel, an HBO series, and scripting duties for “Chaos Walking” at Lionsgate on the way.