Katniss Everdeen Has A Filthy Mouth


The official Twitter account for the upcoming “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2” tweeted out a promotional image today celebrating the 100 day countdown until the release of the film.

Taking the artwork already released for the film, the words ‘100 Days Until’ were placed on top of Jennifer Lawrence’s war-painted face. In order to fit it though, the word ‘Until’ was placed on top of ‘100 Days’ and its alignment has resulted in the inadvertent appearance of the C-word.

Upon realizing the gaffe, the account deleted the image. As this is the internet though, nothing ever truly disappears and the art has already been saved and posted online.

This joins the ranks of some other infamous movie marketing accidents, such as the infamous “Yogi Bear” banner which featured what appeared to be a smiling Yogi Bear anally penetrating a smiling Bobo while the text above them read ‘Good Things Come In Bears’.

Source: Variety