Kathryn Bigelow Goes To HBO

“The Hurt Locker” and “Strange Days” helmer Kathryn Bigelow is set to direct the pilot episode of HBO’s drama “The Miraculous Year” says The Hollywood Reporter.

The light family drama is described as “an examination of a New York family as seen through the lens of a charismatic, self-destructive Broadway composer”.

Feature writer John Logan (“The Aviator,” “Gladiator,” “The Last Samurai”) created the series and penned the pilot which will begin filming in the early Summer. Logan, Bigelow and Lydia Pilcher will executive produce.

HBO has numerous projects in the works with high profile actors and directors involved including Martin Scorsese’s “Boardwalk Empire”, Michael Mann’s “Luck”, the Russell Crowe-produced “Emergency Sex “, a David Fincher-produced crime drama, the Todd Haynes mini-series “Mildred Pierce”, and of course the completed Spielberg/Hanks-produced mini-series “The Pacific”.

Bigelow’s next film project is “Triple Frontier” with her “Hurt Locker” scribe Mark Boal penning the script. The story is set around the various cities that populate the Triple Frontier, the junction of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil which is a haven for illegal activity.