Kath & Kim US Version Greenlit

NBC has announced it has greenlit a pilot for a Americanised version of the hit Australian comedy series “Kath & Kim” reports The Daily Telegraph.

“South Park” writer Nancy Pimental has penned the adaptation, which will continue to focus the comic action around the dynamics of a quirky mother/daughter relationship and their life in suburbia.

The series, shot documentary style, satirises the habits and values of modern suburban Australians and emphasises the kitsch and superficial elements of contemporary society, particularly the traditional working class.

As such the crass and often embarrassing behaviour of the characters, and their gaudy fashion sense, have become popular features of the show – as has a vocabulary of mis-pronounced or over-exaggerated words. “Kimmy, look at moiye” has become a pop culture catchphrase.

Filming is expected to get underway in coming months with the Aussie show’s creators, writers and stars Jane Turner and Gina Riley, involved and getting executive producer credits on the series.

Whilst details will be changed to appeal more to a US audience, some elements will remain including the frequent mall sojourns. A location for the series has been selected already but not disclosed.

The Australian series ran for three seasons totaling 24 episodes and one telemovie from 2002-2005. A fourth season begins shooting shortly.