Kassovitz Sets Next Two Films

French director Mathieu Kassovitz (“Gothika,” “The Crimson Rivers”) will both star in and direct “Rebellion” says The Hollywood Reporter.

Based on a true story, the $23.5 million film features an all-French A-list cast, and follows the Ouvéa cave hostage incident in New Caledonia in 1988.

At the time, independence fighters took 27 French gendarmes and a judge as hostages demanding instant independence of the South Pacific island chain from France.

The two week situation ended with ‘Operation Victor’ in which 75 commandos, gendarmes and parachutists armed with flame throwers raided the Gossannah cave and successfully rescued the hostages.

Shooting on the film begins at the end of the year.

Kassovitz will also be a part of “MNP”, a big-budget apocalyptic action film set on a space station that will feature two US stars and another eight big names from around the world. Shooting on that project will begin in 2011.