Kasdan To Direct Film About Anita Bryant

With “Solo” now out in cinemas, the film’s co-writer Lawrence Kasdan is turning attention elsewhere with plans to write and direct a movie based on the life of the musician turned gay rights opponent Anita Bryant at Amazon Studios.

Bryant was the second runner-up in the Miss America beauty pageant and rose to fame with songs like “Paper Roses.” However, she soon became more famous in the late 1970s for her religious and political leanings, lobbying and heavily campaigning against anti-discrimination ordinances on the basis of sexual orientation as the head of the Save Our Children coalition.

As a result, Bryant became something of a punchline in 1980s sitcoms as the poster child of bigotry and homophobia in the United States – akin to other staunch social conservatives with media platforms at the time such as Mary Whitehouse in the United Kingdom.

Kasdan will write and direct the film which Bruce Cohen, Allison Sarofim, Stuart Parr and Hunter Hill will produce.

Source: THR