Karate Kid Remake Tests Very High

Whatever you thought of the original “The Karate Kid”, you can’t deny it was a definite crowd-pleaser – especially that final scene.

Now Entertainment Weekly reports that the upcoming remake, which many have been suspicious of, achieved the second highest test screening score in Sony’s history. A score said to be in the ’97th percentile’ (essentially the entire audience loved it).

Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan star in the remake, a film which was on a lot of ‘most dreaded of 2010’ lists before the trailer came out a few weeks ago and surprised many.

Hold your horses though, there’s a caveat here. If the new ‘Kid’ was #2, what scored the highest for Sony? 2005’s tedious Will Smith comedy “Hitch”. It goes to show these scores are useless in determining quality.

What it does mean though are its box-office chances are rosy. “Hitch” opened to $370 million worldwide, ‘Kid’ won’t likely come close but could do far better than many are expecting when it opens June 11th.