Kane & Lynch On Hold After Loss

French filmmaker Patrick Alessandrin (“District 13: Ultimatum”) has dropped out of plans to direct a film adaptation of the video game series “Kane and Lynch” at Lionsgate and Nu Image/Millennium Films reports The Los Angeles Times.

Alessandrin is the latest in a series of director names linked to the project so far. His departure has forced producers to go back to the drawing board and led to doubts about whether the project will go ahead at all, certainly a planned production start date of next month has been pushed back into the first quarter of next year at the earliest. A Lionsgate spokesperson confirms to the paper that a “start date is TBD”.

The story follows the mercenary Adam ‘Kane’ Marcus (Bruce Willis) and aggressive, schizophrenic killer James Lynch (Jamie Foxx) teaming to retrieve a dangerous device as ransom payment to retrieve Kane’s kidnapped wife and daughter. Kyle Ward penned the script.

Previous names linked as potential helmers include F. Gary Gray (“Law Abiding Citizen,” “The Italian Job”), Wayne Kramer (“Running Scared,” “The Cooler”), Simon Crane (second unit on “Troy,” “Tomb Raider,” “X-Men: The Last Stand”) and Jieho Lee (“The Air I Breathe,” “A Nursery Tale”). Now it seems Kramer and Gray are back in contain, while Antoine Fuqua (“King Arthur,” “Training Day”) has joined the candidates list. No deals however are yet in place.