Justin Timberlake Gets Moist

Director Barry Sonnenfeld is once again looking at singer Justin Timberlake as the possible lead star of his upcoming dark comedy “Moist” says MTV News.

Based on the novel by Mark Haskell Smith, the story follows a morgue attendant named Bob who comes across a severed arm with an erotic tattoo of a woman he falls for.

In the course of trying to find out who she is, Bob ends up becoming Roberto, a kingpin of the Los Angeles Mexican mafia — ultimately replacing the man who the severed arm belonged to in the first place.

Sonnenfeld, who compares the book to “Pineapple Express”, sent the script to Timberlake four years ago just as he started shooting his first film “Edison Force.” JT agreed to do it, but the project fell through due to financing issues.

Now, the director is actively talking to studios once again about the project and JT may still be involved.