Justin Long Keen On “Zack & Miri” Spin-Off

Filmmaker Kevin Smith and actor Justin Long are a good match and the pair obviously have fun together. Out doing promo work for their latest collaboration, the horror tale “Tusk,” Long revealed he’d love to re-team with Smith on a different kind of project.

Specifically he wants to reprise his role of Brandon St. Randy, the gay porn star character he played in the Seth Rogen-led 2008 comedy “Zack and Miri Make A Porno”. Long stole the show in his brief scenes in the film, set at a high school reunion which the title characters were attending.

Brandon Routh played Robert ‘Bobby’ Long, a former student and St. Randy’s boyfriend. In a Reddit AMA to promote “Tusk”, Justin Long said:

“I would love to do Brandon St Randy again – two of the most fun days of my life. When he sent me the script for Tusk he prefaced it with a letter in which he said he wanted me to do ‘a two-hander character study’. I thought it was the Brandon St Randy/Bobby Long road trip movie.

I would’ve done anything Kevin wanted me to. I was kind of in even before I read the script. It sounds pretty simple and trite but I always try and weigh the potential fun in doing something – Kevin’s sets are the most fun – whether you’re a gay porn star or a walrus or, maybe one day, BOTH.”

“Tusk” is now out in cinemas.