Justin Lin To Direct “Star Trek 3”

He was one of the rumored contenders the other week, and now it is official – Justin Lin is set to direct the next film in the “Star Trek” franchise.

Having helmed the last four released entries in the “Fast and Furious” franchise, including the popular and well-regarded “Fast Five,” Lin brings a track record of someone who can certainly handle big-budget action that goes over well with global audiences.

Paramount is keen to woo the non-U.S. dollar with the next film, so it’s an understandable choice. Part of it is also because Lin’s schedule has been freed up as his proposed next project, the Jeremy Renner-led “The Bourne Betrayal,” has been put on hold whilst the Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass ‘Bourne’ reunion project picks up steam.

Lin replaces Roberto Orci who exited the project in early December. J.J. Abrams, who directed the previous two outings in the franchise, returns only as a producer on the third film.

Source: Screen