Justin Bieber’s Film Gets A Director’s Cut

Paramount is reportedly considering releasing a special director’s cut of “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” while the film is still in theaters according to The Hollywood Reporter. The trouble is the logistics of pulling off such an endeavour is a minor nightmare, so much so that the new version could be held back for a DVD/Blu-ray and online VOD release.

Director Jon M. Chu has reportedly been working on the new version and isn’t done yet. He’s in Europe this week with Bieber’s entourage for the premiere of “Never Say Never” in London and then Paris, but will be back by the weekend to work on the special cut. No decision has yet been made about what footage will be used.

A decision over whether to proceed is expected by early next week and, if granted, moviegoers would be able to see the updated version during the film’s third weekend in release. The new scenes will also have to be submitted to the MPAA for review.

Eyes will also be on the box-office this coming weekend as previous concert films have shown steep box-office drops after their opening few days once the teen fanbase has been satiated.