Justified Producer Sets Up “Gunsights”

“Justified” executive producer Chris Provenzano has signed an overall deal with AMC to develop Elmore Leonard’s 1979 novel “Gunsights” into a drama series.

Provenzano certainly has experience with this. Leonard’s novella “Fire In The Hole” formed the basis for FX’s “Justified” series which has been regularly touted as one of the finest shows on TV in the past decade.

“Gunsights,” considered Leonard’s final Western novel, is set in 1893 and centers on two former partners – scout Dana Moon and Army man Brendan Early – who are now on the opposite sides of a conflict between a mining company and a scattering of settlers on an Arizona mountainside: Apaches, Mexicans, and former 10th Cavalry regulars.

This would mark a return to AMC for Provenzano where he got started as one of the original writers on the first season of “Mad Men”. The project would also fill in the hole left in the wake of the western drama “Hell on Wheels” which will air its final episodes next Summer.

Source: Deadline