Justice Villain, “Suicide Squad” Rumors

Two quite juicy rumors regarding major DC film projects have gone online today over at Latino Review.

First up, they say they can confirm that “Argo” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” scribe Chris Terrio is writing the script. They also have heard details about who may be the villain:

“Brainiac is going to be the bad guy in Justice League. The set-up of it is cool. Remember the Kryptonian beacon in Man of Steel, that Clark set off, that brought Zod to Earth? Brainiac heard it as well”

The Superman nemesis marks a change from the rumored inclusion of Darkseid as the main baddie for the “Justice League” film. The site claims the film’s producers are “pushing him [Darkseid] towards later.”

The site also claims they have the line-up of the seven villains that will make up the ‘Suicide Squad’ in Warners’ proposed movie about the DC comic bad guys. The line-up comes from a copy of Justin Marks’ screenplay.

Captain Boomerang, Vixen and Deadshot are set to be the three leads in the film, while Blockbuster, Multiplex, Jaculi and Mindboggler are also involved. Last month it was indicated “Fury” helmer David Ayer would be the top candidate to direct.