Justice Tabled, Terminator Halted?

Ok what’s going on at Warner Bros. Pictures?

At the Long Beach “Speed Racer” junket, CHUD briefly talked with producer Joel Silver about how the producers planned “Wonder Woman” movie would be affected by George Miller’s long-troubled “Justice League” project.

Silver says it won’t because ‘League’ has been “tabled”. ‘Tabled’ means the film is NOT officially canceled, but won’t be happening any time soon and likely without the same cast.

Meanwhile, UGO Movie Blog has a more dubious report that a crew member on the upcoming fourth “Terminator” film “was recently overheard discussing his newfound free schedule due to the production shutting down.”

Filming was slated to begin in a few weeks in Budapest, does this mean that shooting has been pushed back? I contacted Warner Bros. yesterday for a comment – still no response yet.