Justice League, “Wonder Woman” Get Scribes

With Marvel raking in so much money from “The Avengers”, it’s no surprise that those at rival DC Comics can’t be happy things are taking so long for their properties to come to the big screen.

Now though some movement seems to be underway with word that “Gangster Squad” scribe Will Beall has been at work on a new script based on the “Justice League” comics teaming DC’s most famous heroes (Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, etc.) says Variety.

Beall has yet to turn in his script, not surprising considering he’s got several other scripts on the boil for the studio including the “Logan’s Run” remake and the “Lethal Weapon” reboot.

George Miller was famously set to helm a “Justice League” project a few years ago starring the likes of Armie Hammer, Adam Brody and Megan Gale – however the plug was pulled on that just before shooting began and the project essentially collapsed.

The article also mentions that Michael Goldenberg (“Green Lantern,” “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”) has worked on a script for a “Wonder Woman” feature, however that project remains firmly stuck in development.

As of now Chris Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” in July and Zack Snyder’s “Man Of Steel” next year are the sole DC Comics features on Warners’ slate for now, others like “The Flash,” “Lobo” and “Spy vs. Spy” remain very much stuck in development.