“Justice League” Photo, UN Celebrate Wonder Woman

Following the United Nations appointment of DC Comics superhero Wonder Woman as an Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls, a new still has been released of Gal Gadot as the character in “Justice League” and ahead of her next appearance in the Patty Jenkins-directed upcoming “Wonder Woman” solo film.

Gadot and TV’s original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter appeared at the UN ceremony along with Jenkins and DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson to celebrate the character who has long been recognized as a global icon representing justice, peace and equality.

DC will publish a special comic book in 2017 with Wonder Woman carrying forth the positive message of empowering women and girls. In a first for the company, the comic book will simultaneously be published in the six official languages of the U.N.: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

DC and Warner Bros. will develop special messaging supporting the U.N.’s initiative across a variety of studio platforms, channels and activities and includes a special PSA featuring Gadot.