“Justice League” Overhauled In Reshoots?

Every major blockbuster undergoes reshoots, it’s part of the process, and these reshoots can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

When they make headlines though isn’t in regards to them taking place, so much as when said reshoots turn into seriously extensive overhauls – when the additional photography expands from beyond pick up shots and additional scenes to complete reworkings of entire acts.

That’s why when rumors of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” getting up to 40% of its content redone, when “Fantastic Four” and “World War Z” had their last acts completely reworked, or when “Suicide Squad” sees a complete tonal change implemented after a trailer reaction – that is serious.

So comes an unconfirmed report today on Splash Report (via Slashfilm) that in the 17 months between the start of principal photography and the release, Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” will have been effectively “remade…twice”.

Their source claims that since the film wrapped production in October, it has been subject to on-the-spot rewrites (in part with the help of Ben Affleck) and reshoots through the Spring with Warners having already “completely overhauled” the movie.

This would partly explain the delays in the start of production of “Aquaman”. On top of this, they say more reshoots are scheduled for later this Summer.

How true is the report? Yes, reshoots for “Justice League” will happen, but how extensive they were isn’t certain. Warners has made it quite clear they plan to be more careful with this film after the critical failure of the DCEU films to date – especially ‘Dawn of Justice’.

This is still a speculative rumor at this point only. That said, the outlet was the one that broke the story of the “Rogue One” reshoots which did end up being true – Lucasfilm handling it the right way by being upfront about them (albeit in measured and carefully worded responses).

As both “Rogue One” and “World War Z” proved, reshoots can certainly improve a troubled film if handled the right way and there’s no shame in reworking something if it’s not going right.

Update: The Wrap reports that multiple studio insiders have denied the report that “Justice League” has undergone massive reshoots:

“There has been no additional photography to date on ‘Justice League,’ we have planned and will shoot additional pickups early summer. Additional photography has always been planned like most pictures in general but certainly for a tentpole of ‘Justice League’s’ size and scope.”

We’ll all find out for ourselves if it works when “Justice League” hits in November.