“Justice League” Gets Some Character Posters

Warner Bros. Pictures has released five new character prints featuring Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg for the upcoming “Justice League” feature. In reaction to that, a fan has already crafted a sixth one for Henry Cavill’s “Superman” which has been included in the gallery below with the other five.

The posters come in a week in which the studio confirmed they’re moving away from the interconnected cinematic universe model to some extent – meaning the future DC superhero films, whilst still taking place in the same continuity, won’t be doing regular crossovers (ala Marvel).

In fact it has been revealed by Vulture that the terminology used for the initiative, the DC Extended Universe, actually originated as a joke in a 2015 article on EW and no-one uses the term internally at Warners.

“Justice League” is slated to open on November 17th.