Justice League Filming, Rock, Aquaman Rumors

Every day comes another wild and often unsubstantiated rumor about the future of the DC Cinematic Universe. Today is different – today’s there’s three of them.

First up, Latino Review announced two of them as they tie into each other. Both relate back to Dwayne Johnson’s talk a while back that he had meetings with Warners & DC about an upcoming project.

The site says The Rock will indeed be working on a DC project this year, not the “Batman vs. Superman” project but rather a “Justice League” film.

How’s that possible? Their source claims the plan is to shoot “Justice League” back-to-back with “Batman vs Superman”. They add that “Batman vs Superman” is going to end with an insane cliffhanger/teaser that leads right into “Justice League”.

Doing this reportedly allows them to maximise filming schedules as the likes of Affleck, Cavill and Johnson are in high demand. It would also explain the flurry of superhero casting rumors despite “Batman vs. Superman” only featuring a few of the JLA members.

However it does beg the question – is there time to do this? Is a “Justice League” script even close to being ready? Who would direct? Doesn’t Affleck himself have directing commitments post-“Batman vs. Superman”?

The other rumor today comes from Comic Book Movie and Bad Ass Digest, both of which claim they know who’ll play Aquaman in a cameo in “Batman vs. Superman”.

The former thinks it’s “Lost” and “Intelligence” star Josh Holloway. The latter says it’s Jason Momoa, despite his denials this week of being involved in the project at all.

Will any of this pan out? We’ll see.