Justice League Film Rumblings

When word that Warners was rushing forward with development on their “Justice League” movie, speculation soon arose that the “Superman Returns” sequel would be delayed or cancelled.

The studio quickly denied this, and it has been confirmed that scribes Mike Dougherty, Dan Harris and Director Bryan Singer have been working on a script follow-up to last year’s Supes film.

Now IESB.Net says that Kiernan and Michele Mulroney’s script for the ‘Justice’ movie has been received and highly praised by the studio who want “the film to be the launching point for The Flash, Wonder Woman, The Green Lantern and Aquaman as well as rejuvenate Superman.”

They even add that production would begin as soon as the first quarter of 2008, to avoid the pending writer’s strike, in time for a Summer 2009 theatrical release. If true, then what does that mean for the “Superman” sequel?

Also speculation continues about casting as both Batman and Superman are key figures in the script – will Bale and Routh’s contracts (both are signed for three films as their characters) fall under this agreement?