“Justice League Dark” Director On R-Rating

Batman teams with the DC supernatural universe for the upcoming DC animated feature “Justice League Dark” in which a mysterious force threatens the souls of humanity.

This week director Jay Oliva spoke with Empire and touched upon various topics, most notably the film’s R-rating which they were able to get away with in the wake of the success of “Batman: The Killing Joke”:

“If I knew that I could get away with a rated R, I would have made it a hard R. When we make these films, our goal is always a PG-13, so there’s certain things that we know we can get away with and things that we can’t; we can’t do beheadings and we can’t do arterial blood spray or anything like that.

I’m just trying to tell the best story that I can, and from there we edit some things out, or we try to hide things. Instead of showing a beheading, we’ll cut to the shadow on the wall as you see the beheading in the shadow, but you don’t actually see it.

The Killing Joke was kind of a godsend in the sense of, because of its success and because Home Video took a chance of releasing it as an R, it paved the way for this to be an R.”

“Justice League Dark” will be available on Digital HD on January 24th and on Blu-ray and DVD on February 7th.