Justice League Dark Characters Revealed?

One of many projects on filmmaker Guillermo del Toro’s slate is the film adaptation of the DC Comics “Dark Universe” titles which sport a “Justice League”-style team-up of DC heroes, albeit the more supernatural ones of that comic universe.

Whilst there has been plenty of speculation about the film, we don’t know which characters are set to appear in it as yet and casting has yet to begin. Even so, del Toro revealed in November that the script is in so the decision has been made.

Today, El Mayimbe from Latino Review claims that the characters of John Constantine, Zatanna, Brand/Deadman and Jason Blood will make up the group in this first outing.

Naturally, these characters have not been confirmed by the studio as yet. Nor has it been confirmed if the project is part of either the already in progress DC Comics shared cinematic universe, or a rumored separate shared universe featuring only Vertigo Comics titles.

The news comes as NBC’s “Constantine,” featuring Matt Ryan as John Constantine, has yet to be renewed and its fate is not looking good.