Justice League Costumes & Vehicles Explained

As part of a set visit to “Justice League” this past week in the UK, new details about some of the costume and production design for the Zack Snyder-directed film have emerged.

There’s numerous vehicles in the movie including an upgraded Batmobile with more weapons and two new ones – the Flying Fox and the Nightcrawler. The Flying Fox is a massive three-storey ship that can hold the entire Batmobile other Bat gadgets.

The Nightcrawler is a massive tank-style creation that has four spider like legs allowing it climb and move in ways regular vehicles can’t. The Nightcrawler is part of a major sequence set in a incomplete transport tunnel between Gotham and Metropolis that was built in the 1920s.

The production spent six months doing R&D on the costume before any of the actors got involved, and 3D printing was an essential part of it – along with making costumes that were functional for fighting and maneuverability. This has led to them dressing 3,000 extras in a film with 200 speaking parts.

Cyborg’s costume is being created digitally from the neck down but still has to be designed. As his tech comes from the Mother Boxes, it’s mysterious and he discovers his ‘gun arm’ in the film. Cyborg’s suit can enlarge when provoked or when he goes into battle mode. He’ll spend time in civilian clothes during parts of the film.

Flash’s costume is made up of 148 pieces, the cowl alone has 70 pieces that have to be numbered. Yet it slots together quickly, meaning that though Ezra Miller needs two people to help him dress – it’s all on in about five minutes.

The first suit he wears is a prototype with Allen having broken into NASA to get the tech design right. When Flash runs he generates electricity which circles around his body, and the costume has black wires which will show the electricity and will be added in post-production. Once he’s hooked up with Wayne-Tech, the costume likely gets an upgrade.

Wonder Woman’s costume is said to be the same as ‘Dawn’ but with minor tweaks – notably a stronger red coloring. Designer Michael Wilkinson says: “we always talk about it as almost like centuries of congealed blood from her victims on her breastplate.”

Concept art of Aquaman spotted during the visit indicate that when he is above water on the surface he sports a pair of slim fit dark denim wash jeans with no shirt on.

There are two Batsuits in the film, similar to ones already seen but with new armor plates, new spiked forearms, and some cowl adjustments including one with goggles.

We’ll learn more in coming months ahead of the film’s November 2017 release.

Source: Cinema Blend