Justice League Canned For Now

The “Justice League” is officially on ‘indefinite hold’ reports the trades. The project is no longer aiming for a spring start with a late Summer or Fall start at the earliest now being targeted.

Warner Bros. Pictures has let the options lapse on the young cast that director George Miller chose to play famed superheroes like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Reasons for the delay including not getting the required tax break they needed from the Australian Government, and script issues that cannot be solved until the writer’s strike is complete.

Castmembers were informed that their options would not be exercised, but they were also told that the studio is determined to make the film with them in it. Short of “The O.C.” star Adam Brody as The Flash and to a lesser extent supermodel Megan Gale as Wonder Woman, the rest of the cast are essentially unknowns and so whilst they may be lost to other film jobs – it’s expected most if not all will return for when things come together again.

The move now means a Summer 2009 release is likely out of the question, leaving the studio with a big hole in its schedule for next Summer. The move is also seen as a benefit for their Batman franchise as director Chris Nolan has been vocally unhappy with the JL project and has been resisting directing a third “Batman” movie.