Just Cause: Scorpion Rising Gets A Re-Write

Bryan Edward Hill has been hired to pen a rewrite of “Just Cause: Scorpion Rising”, the film adaptation of the hit video game series from “Tomb Raider” and “Hitman” game producers Square Enix says Heat Vision.

The games follow Rico Rodriguez, aka the Scorpion, a black ops agent who carries out deadly missions for the U.S. government which revolve around destabilising rogue nations from within and turning the bad guys against each other. The first game in the series was set on the fictional South American tropical island San Esperito, the second around the Indonesian island of Panau.

Rodriguez frequently uses both a grappling hook and retractable parachute to perform death-defying stunts that utterly defy the laws of physics. These include hijacking fighter planes in mid-air to a final boss battle that involves jumping between ICBM’s in-flight.

Michael Ross (“Turistas”) penned the previous draft while Adrian Askarieh and Eric Eisner will produce. The movie is said to be focusing on the origin of Rico.

The second game in the series was released early last year and sold more than 3.5 million copies. A third game is in development.