Just Cause Film News This Summer

After several years of no movement, it looks like a film adaptation of the “Just Cause” video game franchise is showing signs of life again.

The games follow Rico Rodriguez, aka the Scorpion, a black ops agent who carries out deadly missions for the U.S. government which revolve around destabilising rogue nations from within and turning the bad guys against each other.

The first game in the series was set on the fictional South American Republic of San Esperito, the second around the Indonesian islands of Panau, and the third the Mediterranean archipelago of Medici. Rodriguez frequently uses both a grappling hook and retractable parachute to perform death-defying stunts that utterly defy the laws of physics.

From hijacking fighter planes in mid-air to a chase/boss battle that takes place on the back of freshly launched nuclear missiles, the series earned strong reviews for its fun and impressive open world scale.

L+E Pictures had previously optioned the film rights five years ago with Michael Ross (“Turistas”) set to pen the script and Adrian Askarieh producing. Since then there’s been little word until this week when Askarieh, who produced both “Hitman” films, sent a tweet saying: “After flurry of meetings all week, I can promise all #JUSTCAUSE fans thrilling movie news this Summer. @justcause”

What will that be? We’ll have to wait and see.