“Just Cause” Director Updates Film’s Progress

Not long ago came word that along with Aquaman, and The Crow, actor Jason Momoa is adding another franchise to his resume – “Just Cause”. The actor was signed on to play Rico Rodriguez (aka. Scorpio) in the film adaptation of the game series about a CIA operative and occasional freelance mercenary who specialises in ‘regime-change’ operations.

Armed with a high powered grappling hook, wingsuit, retractable parachute and a ridiculous amount of ammo, each massive open world game saw you overthrow a dictatorship of a small island nation. What made it memorable was the crazy physics of the game which allowed for ridiculously fun action. A sample clip of some gameplay is included at the bottom of this article.

Brad Peyton is set to direct from a script by John Collee and in a recent interview with Collider, Peyton was asked about where the film is now and if he’s worried about the video game ‘curse’:

“We’re working on the script. Jason [Momoa], myself, and my producing partner, Jeff [Fierson], have a show on Netflix, called Frontier, so we have a good working relationship with him, and he’s a really easy, good guy to work with. At this point, we’re just working on his character and we’re working on the script.

The world has this fun tone. When I talked to Jason about it, he was like, ‘I want to do a bad-ass Bond. I want to do a guy that just sits on the beach and drinks.’ I pitched him one of the first images from the game, which is the guy sitting on the beach and having a beer, and there’s a boat out in the water. He hits a button, the boat blows up, and then he drinks his beer.

I was like, ‘That’s who this guy is,’ and he was like, ‘Oh, my god, yes! I’ll do that!’ That is tonally what [the film] should be, and the title represents that idea. From there, we have to make our own thing. It has to pay respect and give the fans what they need, but also be a unique thing.”

Momoa is currently filming reshoots on “Aquaman” and will then film “The Crow” reboot this Summer. “Just Cause” still doesn’t have a filming or release date as yet.