Just Cause 3 Game Set For 2015

Avalanche Studios have announced plans for a third game in the “Just Cause” franchise which will hit PC, PS4 and Xbox One next year.

In a feature piece for Game Informer, it has been revealed that the new game will be set on a fictional Mediterranean archipelago.

Said open-world map will be about the same size as the second game (which was 400 square miles), but new ‘volumetric terrain’ adds a lot more verticality to the new world including subterranean caverns and tower structures you can climb.

Expect lots more flying too, game director Roland Lesterlin saying: “Just Cause shines when you get the player to be comfortable being in the air. We spent a lot of time talking about what it is that encourages a player to be vertical, to be creative.” To that effect the player gets a new wingsuit to play with, along with improved parachute and grapple mechanics.

“Just Cause 2” was released as a single-player only game, though a fan made mod added multiplayer which has kept up the popularity of the title over four years on. Avalanche is only focusing on “Just Cause 3” as a single-player sandbox game right now, but aren’t ruling out a multiplayer mode.

It will also be a full price title, NOT free to play, but it will also likely have as extensive a runtime as the previous game which required up to 100 hours of play to reach 100% completion. There’s also no micro-transactions.

Here’s the first look ‘Coverage Trailer’ which includes some fantastic art that suggests the tone of the previous games will remain. The second game ended with the player engaging in gunfights whilst running and jumping across the surface of four in-flight nuclear missiles – how will the third top that in terms of crazy fun?