“Jurassic World” Sequel Had Too Much Story

After Colin Trevorrow first signed on to direct “Jurassic World,” he mapped out a plan for an entire trilogy. With the sequel “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” he handed over the reins to director J.A. Bayona but was still involved in the second film’s writing.

In fact he was so involved that at one point, he reportedly overstuffed the first sequel with too much in the way of narrative. Speaking with Slashfilm, producers Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley revealed that Trevorrow’s first script for the second film was just too jam-packed:

Marshall: “[When Trevorrow] came in, I think he’s been thinking about this since Jurassic World where we’re gonna go in 2 and 3. So it was just a question of how far we were gonna go in 2. So he kind of had it all sketched out. And basically from what I remember he brought a treatment in. I mean, I don’t think we sat down and talked to him about it.

Crowley: “Boy, it was interesting. Because without revealing too much of it, he wanted to go much further in the second one. And we all sort of looked at it and said, I don’t think everybody’s ready for that. Pull it back a little. It was just in terms of the length of the time of the storytelling. He had started here and went all the way to there.”

They revealed that part of the reason they got him to pull back and save stuff for the third film was to give more character development time to Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady and Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire Dearing roles:

“Well we really felt we needed to spend time to get to know Chris and Bryce again. Where they’d been in three years. Because as you’ll see, there’s a big change in her. She’s realized that she made a mistake and that it was responsibility, not her fault, but she was part of what happened. So she’s now trying to make up for it. Trying to do better and Chris is pretty much still a loner on his own. Not wanting to deal with anything. So we had to set that up.”

Trevorrow is coming back to the director’s chair for the third film. Producers have also confirmed ‘Fallen Kingdom’ will have more animatronic dinosaurs than any sequel in the franchise and more sequences set within buildings, meaning characters will be in closer proximity to the dinosaurs “for a longer period of time than we’ve ever been.”

“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” opens in cinemas on June 22nd 2018.