Jurassic World Roars To Record Opening

That “Jurassic World” would could conquer the world box-office this weekend was not in doubt, that it did so by such a huge margin however has surprised everyone.

A month ago, early tracking figures suggested the movie was headed to a $120 million opening. That estimate was raised to $150 million or so as this weekend began. Turns out both guesses were way off as Colin Trevorrow’s film ended nabbing $204 million by the end of the weekend according to new estimates.

That makes it the second highest domestic box office debut of all-time, behind only “The Avengers”. In fact, when actual figures for Sunday come in tomorrow, there’s a chance the film could surpass “The Avengers” for the top spot.

Where the movie did take the top spot though is globally. “Jurassic World” has raked in over $511 million worldwide, making it the top global opening of all time. It also opened in No. 1 in all 66 territories where it debuted.