Jurassic World Actor Trapped In A Dinosaur


One of the main cast members of the upcoming “Jurassic World” had a scary moment whilst shooting the fourth film in the “Jurassic Park” series.

Bryce Dallas Howard was on location in Hawaii shooting a key action scene inside the jaws of a giant dinosaur attempting to eat her. A sudden power failure on the island however trapped her inside the monster’s closed metal mouth. A source tells Showbiz Spy:

“Bryce found herself surrounded by wires and machinery used to operate the dinosaur’s jaws and started screaming, ‘Please, get me out of here!’ The crew, working feverishly to pry the jaws open without damaging the mechanical beast, kept assuring Bryce she’d be fine. But it took 15 minutes of hard work before they finally pried the beast’s mouth open and pulled her to safety.”

There were no reported injuries. Bryce thanked the crew profusely and resumed filming as soon as electricity was restored.

UPDATE: The film’s producer Frank Marshall has officially denied the report on Twitter, saying it’s “BS”.