“Jurassic World 2” Gets A UK Wrap Party

After kicking off production in February, filming has officially finished on the London-stint of the “Jurassic World” sequel this week with most of the film done. What little filming left is location shooting in Hawaii early next month.

To celebrate the end of the UK shoot, a wrap party was held at the Natural History Museum in London where the apparent first logo for the movie was revealed with Jurassic Outpost posting a shot of the logo on display at the party.

“Jurassic World II” isn’t the official title as yet, that will be revealed when the first footage is released and one of the film’s stars Daniella Pineda answered some fan questions on Twitter after the party and said a sizzle reel of footage was played at the wrap party and that the first trailer will be “soon!”.

With the J.A. Bayona-directed film not even finishing filming until mid-July and the movie not opening until June 22nd 2018, that ‘soon’ is likely a while away.