“Jurassic World 2” $260M Budget Rumored

The “Jurassic World” sequel remains in development with the film’s director J.A. Bayona recently confirming it’s the second in a trilogy of ‘World’ films and that the first movie’s director, Colin Trevorrow, still very much involved in the sequel’s development.

Now an even more eyebrow-raising factoid has arrived. While out discussing his upcoming feature “A Monster Calls,” Bayona revealed to Spanish language magazine El Pais Semenal (via SciFied) that the film is carrying an estimated production budget of $260 million.

Bayona didn’t explain why the budget was so high, it’s certainly a big leap up from “Jurassic World” which was made for $150 million. Sequels generally are more expensive but that is a big jump.

Not much is known about the film’s plot other than Trevorrow hinting at the concept of open source dinosaur breeding. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will reprise their roles of Owen Grady and Claire Dearing in the film which will shoot early next year ahead of a June 2018 release.

UPDATE: A source for Slashfilm has denied the report, saying the project has even reached a point where a budget can be finalized and in any case will not be anywhere near $260 million. This is despite the quote being both from a print source and Bayona himself, it’s now suggested the budget information was either misinterpreted or fabricated.