Juliette Lewis Boards ‘Hick,’ ‘Single Shot

Juliette Lewis has scored roles in the indie features “Hick”, and “Single Shot” says Variety.

The Derick Martini-directed “Hick” follows a Nebraska teen who sets out for the bright lights of Las Vegas. Chloe Moretz, Eddie Redmayne and Blake Lively will star while Derick Martini with Andrea Portes penned the script. Steven Siebert and Christian Taylor are producing.

Alessandro Nivola, William H. Macy, Juno Temple and Emily Mortimer star in the David Rosenthal-helmed “Single Shot” which Chris Coen, Aaron Gilbert and Keith Kjarval will produce.

Matthew F. Jones penned the original novel and the script which follows a man who, while on a deer-poaching expedition, accidentally shoots and kills a woman. While the man is trying to cover up the misdeed, he comes across a sack of money and a killer who’s after it.

Lewis will shoot “Hick” first at the end of March and then follow with “Single Shot” in late April.