Julie Andrews Regrets Missing Out On “Wolf”

Julie Andrews Regrets Missing Out On Wolf

Martin Scorsese’s 2013 film “The Wolf of Wall Street” scored a bunch of Oscar nominations and was the celebrated helmer’s most successful box office release to date – earning nearly $400 million worldwide.

However, it turns out the film is also a big regret of a legendary actress – the one and only Julie Andrews who turned down a role in the film from Scorsese himself. Appearing on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” (via EW) Andrews explains she had a very good reason for turning down the role:

“I do regret it. I wasn’t able to do the movie. I had an operation. I’m a bionic woman and I have a titanium ankle. I was so truly stoned from all the drugs that I had to take to take the pain away. Really, it was mostly the anaesthetics. U just wasn’t ready and I wanted to be and I would’ve loved to work with Scorsese.”

Andrews was originally going to play Aunt Emma whose niece is Margot Robbie’s Naomi Lapaglia character. Ultimately it was “Absolutely Fabulous” star Joanna Lumley who took on the role. Andrews did recently voice a sea monster in “Aquaman”.