Julia Stiles Talks Bell Jar

Talking with MTV News, Julia Stiles went pretty in-depth about her role in the upcoming adaptation of the classic Slyvia Plath novel “The Bell Jar.”

Stiles will play heroine Esther Greenwood, a woman who experiences massive clinical melancholia and is commitmed to a mental hospital. There she undergoes electroshock therapy and makes several suicide attempts.

With much of the book’s famous imagery taking inside Greenwood’s head, Stiles thinks the film medium is perfect for this work – “There should be animation in the film, I think. [For instance] There are images where the main character is imagining a fig tree growing. And it grows, and grows, and grows, and she sees all the options in her life of what she can do, what profession she could have as the fruit on the tree. It’s a challenge to be able to realize that, [but] if you imagine a Tim Burton movie like ‘Big Fish.’ If [they] can realize that.”

Why adapt such a depressing novel? “I think that Sylvia Plath writes with such awesome, beautiful, vivid imagery that is so perfect for film, that it’s kind of a joy. I wouldn’t have spent this much time trying to set up the movie if I didn’t love it.”

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